Jess Pudd’in primary is structured as business to business, but not limited to retail sales. We specialize in pudding desserts like no other.

Our #1 best seller is our Banana Pudd'in. Other pudding flavors are Strawberry, Oreo, and Pistachio. We also make a phenomenal 24 Karat cake
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“All the proof of a pudding is in the eating” – William Camden

The man himself has said it, why are you waiting? Head on to the registration form and fill it out. Add the most scrumptious dessert in town to the isle in your shop. Experience your sales going up. Adding a dessert to your retail outlet will help you increase the footfall in your shop. Divert your competitor’s traffic towards your shop by offering something unique and as delicious as Jess’s Pudd’in.

Get a good reputation with your customers by offering them fresh products at all times. Pudding has a shorter life span hence, making it fresh at all times. Every time your customer grabs a cup of pudding, they will experience ultimate freshness and flavor. Our pudding is the best dessert to be in your retail shop. It acts as a “grab and go” product for shoppers.

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